How Halloween is celebrated around the world

How Halloween is celebrated around the world?


Halloween in different contries:

Halloween in Irland

Let’s start from where it all started. Many of the customs here are the same as those celebrated in the United Kingdom, the United States and other English-speaking countries. You’ll find the flames lit across the country, especially in rural areas, and these fires are large fires that are ignited outdoors and traditionally used in celebrations.

Children and adults also wear clothes, often as scary as characters, ghosts, witches or skeletons, and go cheat or eat. This means they move from house to house throughout the area, knocking on doors and asking people for certain foods, usually snacks, chocolate, and candy. When people open their doors, children shout a trick or food, and if they are not given the food they can cheat the person by making a small joke.

People often eat some special foods on Halloween like pranabrak. It is a popular type of Halloween cake in Irland. If a ring is found, it means that the person will get married soon. If a person finds a piece of straw, he or she is on his way to a lucky year

Halloween in the USA

Celebrations in America are no different. In addition to the trick or food, they also have some treasure hunt games. Picking apples is also one of the most popular games where some apples are placed in a large bowl filled with water and children take the pot alternately in an attempt to pick an apple with their mouths without using their hands.
Americans also use jack or lanterns in ornamental work and these lanterns are manufactured by unloading the contents of the fruits of the pumpkin and carving faces on them and then lit with a candle inside. Pumpkin residue is used to make a Halloween pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup. In Ireland and Scotland people often use turnips in the same way.


Halloween in Mexico

No country celebrates Halloween better than Mexico. In fact, Mexicans celebrate the Feast of the Dead, which they have for several days from October 31 to November 2. It is truly a feast of all lives, where people can remember their loved ones and celebrate their lives. Mexicans also celebrate family feasts, make candy and gifts in the form of skulls, marches where people dressed as ghouls and skeletons, and have a lot of mariachi music, singing, dancing and tequila.

Halloween in Chine

The celebration of Halloween in China is known as Teng Chih. The Chinese leave food and water along with pictures of friends and relatives who have left the world. Law boats are made of paper in Buddhist temples, burned during the night, while lanterns are lit throughout the country. They are said to practice these traditions of fire to help the Bretas, the souls of the dead, to find their way home.

Halloween in Germany

The Germans celebrate Halloween as a feast for all saints, and the celebration lasts for a whole week from 31 October to 8 November. They also spend time in the church honoring the saints who died and visiting the graves of their loved ones. There is also a more unusual tradition in Germany where people hide their knives on Halloween to protect lives returning to Earth during this time.

Halloween in Canada

The Halloween celebration comes in Canada as in the United States,
At Halloween, they are keen to decorate homes and streets with pumpkin fruits illuminated and decorated with horrible shapes, wearing evil spirits and telling the horror stories of children.

Halloween in Japan

The Japanese celebrate Halloween by wearing their favorite costumes, whether animal, fruit or superhero cartoon characters and then go to the public squares to buy candy and enjoy the holiday in their own way.



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