This skincare routine is the key to healthy skin

This skincare routine is the key to healthy skin

The so-called skincare routine is none other than all the actions performed at the level of the skin, to heal and magnify it.

the use of a simple day cream is not enough to sublimate the skin on a daily basis.

The skincare routine includes both cleansing and skincare. it will also think to use a scrub and a mask once or twice a week.
To learn how to take care of your skin, discover this dedicated page.

1. Step 1 on our skincare routine: cleansing, Washing your face:

The first step in the skincare routine is cleaning. For this, we will, of course, use a makeup remover that will adapt to the skin type, as well as a cleaning product.

Today, we find a variety of products, so that everyone can find the perfect cleanser for their skin, as well as a makeup removal that is not only aimed at removing traces of makeup but also participates in the care.

2. Step 2: Toning, Balancing the skin:

Toning lotion has many benefits for the skin. “It’s a product in its own right,” says Mi-Ryung Beilvert, President & Founder of Qiriness.

It must be used after make-up removal to complete the cleansing of the skin. But the virtues of toning lotion do not stop there. “It also purifies the epidermis by removing dead skin, allowing the serum or cream to penetrate better and be even more effective,” says our expert. And to add: “Take a dry sponge. If you try to put dishwashing on it, it will not penetrate properly. For the product to be well absorbed, it is necessary to wet the sponge. And good with the skin, it’s the same!

The tonic lotion will prepare the skin to be receptive to subsequent care. ” A sip of water, the skin recapitulates its vitality and its shine.

3. Step 3 on our skincare routine: Hydrating and relaxing the skin:

It can not be repeated often enough: hydration is an indepth step to keep your skin clean and healthy. Perfect skin, what! In short, we tell you everything about the benefits of hydration.

1. Avoid the dull complexion:

When they lack hydration, the cells of the epidermis tend to bleach. By force, they give a grayish rendering of the skin and hello dull complexion. To avoid this, we think to hydrate his face morning and evening during our beauty ritual. Moreover, we do not hesitate to offer our skin, twice a week, a moisturizing mask. This after a good scrub to get the best of the effects!

2. Protect your skin from external aggressions:

Our skin is abused every day. The epidermis suffers from many external aggressions, including pollution, cold, wind, sun. To protect it, only one solution is available to us: hydration. This one allows to wrap of the epidermis and thus, protects it. Never again will we come out before we have armed our face with cream!

3. Slow skin aging:

The phenomenon of aging of the skin is quite natural. We can not fight! On the other hand, it is always possible to slow it down. The secret? Again, it’s about hydration. To avoid premature aging of the skin (wrinkles, spots, loosening, drying out …), it is advisable to turn to a very rich cream.

4. Avoid drying out:

This may seem obvious, but it is repeated: hydration prevents dryness of the epidermis and by definition, all that it can generate. We then think of using a facial cream daily, and this, twice a day (in the morning, then in the evening). What to say goodbye to tugging, itching, and irritation!

Having a skincare routine is not enough to have healthy skin, you should also nourish your skin by eating healthy food has a big effect on how your skin looks like.


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