Date idea: fun things to do as a couple

Date idea: fun things to do as a couple

at the beginning of the relationship, it is often easier to find a date idea to do. We are in this phase of seduction where we try to show ourselves in our best face. We are then more inclined to leave our comfort zone and test all kinds of activities to impress the other. It is often at this stage of the relationship that the partners show the greatest creativity in terms of activity to be done in a couple. But once the phase of seduction has passed and we perceive the other as acquired to our cause (he or she loves us), the routine is invited to the table of lovers. As we say, everything is not bad in the routine. It can even be reassuring at times.
But the more time passes and the more it becomes urgent to break certain routines that do not suit us anymore. Nature is thus made: what we liked at a given moment will not necessarily please us several months or even years later. However, some very creative people manage to find a new activity to do regularly as a couple.

here are the funniest and romantic date ideas ever. You will find your perfect date idea for sure, here we go!

1. Get a couple  massage:

Massage is one of the most enjoyable date ideas for couples. You can massage your partner simply to help him relax or to share a naughty moment with two. To make the experience even more intense, you can put small candles in the room and use massage oil.

2. Have a picnic:

What a pleasure to be in a pleasant and picnic with your other half. You can choose to picnic in a park, at the edge of a lake or at the seaside if you prefer the sea air.

3. Do a sport for a couple

Why not strengthen her partner complicity by practicing a sport for two. For example, you can go to the gym together and practice a team sport that both of you enjoy. You can also choose to start together with a sports activity like badminton, tennis or even martial arts for the most combative

4. New food night:

Find a dish that appeals to both of you and cooks together around a nice glass of wine. You can also put some background music to make this moment to two even more delicious!

5. Take a bath or a shower together:

You can have a bubble bath and sit comfortably in the bathtub with your partner. Feel free to add candles to create an even more romantic atmosphere. If you do not have a bath, take a shower together. It is a different pleasure but just as nice that it can serve as preliminaries before extending the pleasure once in bed.

6. Cook dinner together:

Food and romance have to be connected from the beginning of time, blend in some captivating discussion and you have the best night out ever. The dishes that you make on this night will turn into a noteworthy piece of celebrating different occasions in your lifetime. 

7. Watch the Sunset:

It’s nice to snuggle up and watch the sun go down and watch the stars after dark. Guaranteed pleasure!

8. Read to each other:

Are you completely addicted to a book? Why not read some passages from your reading to your half. And if you like, you can even start a book together and read a chapter in turn.

9. Make a homemade karaoke:

Make yourself a playlist of songs that your partner and you like. Find the lyrics of the songs and have fun singing both. Fun laughs guaranteed.

10. Create an album of memories:

In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, we often have an incalculable number of photos. Why not sit under a plaid or under the duvet in love and sort through all your photos to build a beautiful memory album. Doing this sorting will allow you to revisit your good memories and thus strengthen the love you both have.

11. Create a blog together:

To last, a couple needs to share common projects. Why not create a blog with your half on a topic that both of you are passionate about. This is a great way to get to know your partner better and weld the couple. You can share the blog with the public or choose to keep it visible only to your loved ones.


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