Healthy lifestyle: Have a balance in every way

change your life to a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about playing sports and eating well. A healthy lifestyle is having balance in every way.
As I like to have a global vision of the topics I approach. A healthy lifestyle is no exception. Indeed it is useless to have a segmented vision of a subject because it does not allow us to see the whole reality of it.
For example, it is useless to focus only on seduction techniques to go looking for a girl. If one is shy, one must consider the whole thing. We must look for why we consider ourselves shy, how to change this belief, how to gain self-esteem, how to grow his social circle, how to increase his charisma and, why not, the techniques of seduction. But they are only a tiny part of the equation. That’s why I’m going to focus today on presenting to you the 5 pillars of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Healthy lifestyle pillar 1: Drink more water:

Water has many benefits on our lifestyle, including :

Regulating body fluids:

where the body consists of about 60% of the water, and body fluids work in many functions, such as digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva production, transport of nutrients, and maintain body temperature.

control your calorie intake:

Drinking water helps control your calorie intake, but water does not have a magical ability to help you lose weight. However, replacing high-calorie drinks with water helps lower your calorie intake.

Choosing foods with a higher water content will also help lower calorie intake. Because of its size, which contributes to a sense of satiety, these foods need to chew more and be absorbed slower and include foods containing high water, such as fruits, vegetables, soups made of broth and legumes, and can help drink a cup Water before meals stimulate the feeling of satiety.

give energy to the muscles:

Water helps to give energy to the muscles, as the muscles in which the balance of water and minerals are disturbed shrink, which can cause muscle fatigue, athletes are advised to drink two cups of water (about half a liter) two hours before exercise, in addition, to start drinking water from the beginning of the exercise and continue to drink At regular intervals during exercise to compensate for water lost by sweating, but avoid drinking too much in short periods, and water helps to activate the body, as dehydration causes a sense of laziness and fatigue.

Keep the skin healthy:

Water helps keep skin healthy. Drought makes the skin look dry and wrinkled, and moisturizing creams help keep water in skin cells to keep them hydrated.

Keep the kidneys healthy:

Drinking water in sufficient quantities keeps the kidneys healthy, which rid the body of toxins through the urine. The urea nitrogen in the blood is the main toxin in the body and is eliminated through the urine. The urine is light and odorless when the body gets enough water, However, when the body does not get enough water, the kidneys work to preserve it for use in the body’s functions, so the urine becomes darker and smells, indicating an increase in its concentration. This causes a higher chance of developing kidney stones if urea nitrogen accumulates chronic.

Regulate the digestive system:

Water regulates the digestive system and prevents constipation, especially if taken with dietary fiber. Drinking water reduces stress.

2. Healthy lifestyle pillar 2: Get enough sleep:

The second pillar of a healthy lifestyle is unhappily sleeping. Why unhappily?
Because it is flouted in our modern society. He is not respected at all!
We go to bed too late, with a permanent exposure to strong light in the evening, we put a strident awakening to the bad hours … No wonder most people live like zombies when they flout what is supposed to get them back on their feet!
Take care of your sleep: identify your sleep cycles, use blue light filters on the computer and phone, stop the screens 2 hours before sleeping, wake up at times that are consistent for you and you will have an Olympic form just by doing that.

3. Healthy lifestyle pillar3: Eat healthy foods:

Let us keep in mind that according to our way of feeding ourselves and our internal dialogue, we send a very strong message to our unconscious. When you consume junk food, the message sent to our subconscious is: “I do not care about my health, I mistreat my body. “
Conversely, if we opt for healthy food, we send the following message to our unconscious: “I take care of my body and my health, I love myself”.

That’s why the only change in our diet also allows us to gain self-esteem. We can not hope to have a healthy lifestyle without changing our foods. When we adopt a healthy way of eating, we bring a maximum of essential micronutrients to the body that it needs to function.

4. Healthy lifestyle pillar 4: Inhale profoundly deliberately:

Many people do not breathe properly. Many people overlook the fact that deep breathing affects many health aspects. Breathing may affect stomach pain and disorders, and deep breathing exercises can be tried for people with infectious disorders, and you will notice an amazing result to get rid of pain quickly.

How to perform deep breathing exercises:

Deep breathing exercises are very easy exercises that can be done anywhere, they can be performed in the workplace or while watching TV. Just make sure the spine is straight and take the correct posture. We then take a deep breath with a count up to 6, slowly exhaling in a way that takes longer than normal exhalation. Then repeat these steps at least 10 times. To feel relaxed while doing deep breathing exercises, you can sit in a secluded place with your eyes closed. It is preferable to do these exercises early in the morning outdoors by repeating the same steps again. These exercises are known to help clear the mind and relieve stress.

Here are the different health benefits of deep breathing

To improve respiratory function:

Deep breathing exercises help soothe respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and chest pain.

To improve the performance of the digestive system:

Deep breathing exercises also facilitate digestive function and get rid of problems such as constipation and get rid of stomach and intestinal disorders.

Increase the body’s immunity:

Increased oxygen in the body improves the process of blood flow inside the body, helping to eliminate toxins outside the body and increase immunity.

regulation of blood circulation:

Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the heart, increasing blood flow to the rest of the body.

Calming the nervous system:

Anxiety and stress can be relieved by deep breathing exercises.

For the treatment of stress and depression:

Deep breathing helps to relax the body, which works to get rid of negative emotions such as stress and depression. Deep breathing helps to release endorphins, a natural pain reliever that helps you sleep better.

5. Healthy lifestyle pillar 5: Quit smoking or potentially evade inactive smoking:

The purpose of quitting smoking is to break the cycle of addiction and try to control the addiction of the body, especially the brain’s need for nicotine, and the benefits of quitting actually begin less than an hour after the last cigarette. The benefits of quitting smoking also include:

Getting rid of nicotine addiction:

Within one month of smoking cessation, the number of nicotine receptors in the brain will decrease and return to normal, reducing the symptoms of habituation and addiction.

Improved circulation:

The circulation improves within two to twelve weeks of smoking cessation, making physical activity better, and a lower chance of having a heart attack.
Cessation of smoking gives the body more energy within two to twelve weeks of quitting, due to improved blood circulation, which makes the exercise of various physical activities including walking and running much easier, and the immune system regains its activity, the body is able to resist the common Cold, flu, and smoking cessation also lead to increased oxygen in the body, reducing fatigue and headaches




Hi Admin, I’m Karim.. I read your article and I found it very useful. But you know those kind of information are becoming available for everyone. The problem now is with people’s motivation and continuity.


    Hi Karim, first of all, thank you very much. yes it is this subject is very important to address and we will prepare articles in this direction.


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