Self-motivation: gold key of a successful life

Self-motivation: find your inspiration

Here’s a model. How about we investigate reasons you may go to engineering school:

  1. I’m good at mathématecs: wrong motivation
  2. Engineers make good money: wrong motivation
  3. My cousins are all engineers: wrong motivation
  4. I love inventing things: this is the right motivation; a self-motivation

Self-motivation VS external motivation:

External motivation:

Extrinsic motivation, for its part, refers to the practice of an activity carried out not because of the pleasure it gives, but for reasons that are often external or instrumental (eg punishment, reward, social pressure, obtaining the approval of a third person).


Motivation is called intrinsic when the individual engages voluntarily and spontaneously in an activity because of the interest and pleasure that he finds in doing it without any external reward. For example, a student who engages problem-solving because he enjoys mathematics is intrinsically motivated, considered the highest level of self-determination.


  1. Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation are usually associated with two other types of motivation: positive motivation and negative motivation.
  2. The main difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is the origin or place of origin of motivation. In terms of objectives, they are identical as regards the creation of interest, the maintenance of the concentration, the creation of the expected behavior and the expected result.
  3. Another difference,  In terms of intrinsic motivation, rewards or incentives are usually based on oneself or things that happen inside a person. There may be many reasons, but they are all personal. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation must have an external reward or motive for adopting a particular behavior.
  4. Both intangible and tangible benefits occur. However, the only difference is the ranking. In intrinsic motivation, intangible rewards emerge first, while external motivation often places importance on tangible benefits. In due course, both types of rewards can be appreciated by the person.

How I can motivate my self:

Start your day with the task that seems the most difficult:

Start your day with the task that seems the most difficult because, as the saying goes: “Who can do the most, the least the least”. Once this step is completed, all other “chores” will be easier for you to tackle. Your optimism rate will rise and you will be overwhelmed by a sense of self-confidence for the rest of the day.

Do not be overwhelmed by self-limiting thoughts:

Do not be overwhelmed by self-limiting thoughts. Set goals that will feed your motivation in an effective way. Opt for a project that is important to you, without being influenced by those around you. The more you are happy to pursue ambitious targets, the more motivated you will be to reach them.


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