The Yoga top 10 health benefits

Yoga: top 10 health benefits:

Yoga is a sport that aims to integrate the mind and body into one homogeneous unit. This word means unity of thought, a sport suitable for all ages, especially because it is done without using any of the sports equipment, and the exercise of this sport on a continuous basis brings many benefits to the body. The original origin of Yoga in India, which Indians knew about 5,000 years ago, but in the 19th century, the West knew it. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, yoga teachers moved to the west, attracting a number of followers. In 1947, a Hollywood yoga studio was opened by Indra Devi, which greatly increased the number of Western pioneers and Indian teachers, and increased the popularity of yoga to millions of followers. Yoga has many schools and styles that vary from one to the other.

1. Yoga Improves Flexibility:

Working flexibility is simply stretching one’s muscles. Forget the tonic exercises of the gym at school; in yoga, no one will push you in the back so that you are able to touch your feet. Everything will go smoothly, by repetitive exercises, progressive and executed in all conscience, not mechanically. Aside from circus performers, gymnasts and ballet dancers who train for hours from a very young age, flexibility is not something we are used to working with. Lack of flexibility can interfere in some yoga postures and in everyday life: when I started yoga, I was unable to touch the floor with my hands without bending my knees considerably and sitting on the floor cross-legged for a while was not at all pleasant.


2. It helps for weight loss:

Certain sequences of postures can work in-depth on the stomach and lead to weight loss. But that’s not all. If you practice it with diligence, yoga can have a real effect on your digestion (breathing exercises), on the water retention (inversion techniques) and on your food impulses (meditation and concentration) … In short, it acts on all the elements that often lead to weight gain.

3. It Increases your blood flow:

It can greatly help to improve the blood circulation in the body and provide the body’s organs with oxygen and nutrients, thus, improving the overall condition of skin, hair, and nails.

4. It Seriously Slashes Stress:

Several studies have shown that practicing yoga may help reduce the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Their stress levels, fatigue, and depression have also become lower, and another study of 131 people found similar results, which showed that yoga practice for 10 weeks helped reduce stress and anxiety, and in improving the quality of life and mental health.

5. It Expands Muscle Tone and Definition:

As a result of getting more grounded, you can hope to see expanded muscle tone. It enables shape to long, slender muscles in your legs, arms, back, and mid-region.

6. Breathing Benefits:

Pranayama focuses on controlling breathing through breathing exercises and techniques. Most types of yoga include such exercises. Many studies have found that it can help improve breathing. In one study involving 287 students, Results at the end of the study showed a significant increase in their vital abilities, which is particularly useful for people with lung disease, heart problems, and asthma. Another 2009 study found that yoga breathing practice Improves work Satisfied and lung function in patients with mild to moderate asthma, enhancing endurance, improving performance, and maintaining heart and lung health.

a girle does yoga in the sea

7. Yoga helps you to concentrate:

Regular exercise practice has been shown to help improve concentration and attention because it serves to strengthen the mind-body relationship during exercise.

Yoga should become a habit for all of us, if we hope to live better.

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