Best workout for women at home

Best workout for women at home:

“Maximizing sessions for better results by spending less time” is my motto today. Since most women are not looking for weight gain, as is often the case in men, a workout program for beginner-type women will be more than enough to achieve the desired results.

The benefits of workout for women are numerous. I can testify the advantages of a regular and serious practice. The workout will come to reshape a silhouette, ideal for women wishing to lose abdominal fat; not to mention the mothers who, after giving birth, found themselves with ballooned stomachs, not very clear shapes.

If you are among those who think that workout is an abandonment of femininity, it is the opposite. Workout will help you find a perfect shape in addition to having more plump buttocks, a flat belly, firm arms, curved thighs, and many others. Here, you will find the best workout to practice at home for a sexy body:

Workout n°1: Zumba:

You thought Zumba was old-fashioned? Think again! This discipline continues to make dance and move thousands of people, everywhere in France. This one-hour fitness class, with choreography and Latin and international rhythms, is as good for our body as it is for our mind … The idea? Spend, play sports, without having the impression to make!

It’s a sport … without really being

By venting on catchy music, we quickly forget that we are doing sports. We take pleasure to come, it’s not a chore to spend 1 hour, we do not even see the time pass.
Zumba gives us a feeling of immediate well-being and makes us want to come back quickly. People who would not find an activity that motivates them should try! It changes everything that can be tried elsewhere and that did not work. Ideal for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves and want to move!

We burn calories:

Without even noticing (because we have fun!), we lose weight. By following the teacher for an hour, we still burn an average of 800 calories. It is a very cardio class, the heart rate is accelerating, we sweat, we spend, and the whole body is solicited. No pause, we follow the choreography.

We are refining everywhere:

It’s a cardio class, but there is also muscle building. Muscular strengthening movements are indeed hidden in the dance steps. Thus, without realizing it, we do the equivalent of squat, we ask for the abdominal strap, we make crunch, we mobilize the muscles of the arms … All the muscles pass!

Workout n°2: belly dancing:

To preserve your youth and beauty, get started in Belly Dance, belly dancing combines sensuality and femininity. The benefits of oriental dancing are both physical and psychological. It brings joy for both the one who dances and the one who looks at it.

Belly dancing restores flexibility and muscle the body:

Whether on smooth or jerky rhythms, the oriental dance has well-targeted actions. It is based on a series of muscle contractions and will teach you to move parts of the body independently of others. As much to say that you will spend some calories!
If you want to tone your thighs and buttocks, you have chosen your sport! Going from a slow pace to a jerky rhythm will soften your joints and shape your figure because moving your body in this way has a draining and massaging effect.
Cellulite is your worst enemy? Take oriental dance classes! All these series of muscle contractions will give a boost to the blood circulation and thus promote better tissue irrigation. Another benefit of Oriental dance, thinner hips, and a flat stomach.

The oriental dance improves the silhouette:

Bellydance is a real slimming partner that works all the muscles of the body, including the abdominals. It activates almost every level of the spine and strengthens the muscles of the back and lumbar region, which, over the course of sessions, significantly improves the body’s support. The movements become more graceful and the back is upright, finished the vaulted backs!
The belly dance is very demanding on the shoulders and the arms, the whole upper part of the body as well as the torso get pretty shapes and this, for many years.
It contributes greatly to the long-term remodeling of the body: a firmer chest, redesigned hips, a short fine size, you are ready now to fully reconnect with your femininity!

#Workout n°3: Yoga:

In recent years, yoga is particularly popular, especially with women. Born in India thousands of years ago, this practice combines body and mind. The goal is indeed to harmonize the body and the mind with the world around us. Hatha-Yoga, Karma Yoga, Yoga Nitra … The approaches of yoga to control the vital breath, to work the mind, to control its chakras, etc., are various and varied. And if yoga is a true philosophy of life, it is also a physical activity based on various postures, breathing exercises and an approach to meditation. Evacuation of stress, a moment for oneself, the liberation of the spirit … Each one finds besides a good reason to practice it. And it appears that the benefits on the body are numerous.

A more toned body:

If in the general spirit, yoga comes down to a work on breathing, it’s not just that. Indeed, several exercises to work breathing and stimulating muscles are practiced during a session. And who says muscular exercises, says aches when one is not used to doing these movements. The good thing is that it also means that the muscles worked. After a few months of practice, the body is more toned.

Gain flexibility:

Yoga allows you to stretch your muscles gently. These are actually repetitive exercises done gradually, without jerks, which will allow the body to become more flexible and therefore to gain mobility. Thus, the many parts of the body that tended to be tied or blocked, will naturally soften

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